• To provide a national Bioinformatics network designed to bridge the inter-disciplinary gaps on biotechnology information and establish link among scientists in organizations involved in R&D and manufacturing activities in the country.
  • To build up information resources, prepare databases on Biotechnology and to develop relevant information handling tools and techniques.
  • To continuously assess information requirements, organize creation of necessary infrastructure and to provide information and computer support services to the national community of users working in biotechnology and allied areas.
  • To coordinate efforts to access Biotechnology information world wide including establishing linkages with some of the international resources of Biotechnology information (e.g. Databanks on genetic materials, published literature, patents, and other information of scientific and commercial value.
  • Perform research into advanced methods of computer-based information processing for analyzing the structure and function of biologically important molecules.
  • To evolve and implement programmes on education of users and training of information scientists responsible for handling of biotechnology information and its applications to biotechnology research and development.
  • To promote international collaboration towards exchange of scientific information in biotechnology through the development of appropriate network arrangements