Infrastructure facilities

A. Computer & Communication facility

NKN Connectivity, Implementation of LAN on a Structured CAT 5 UTP Cabling Network using Switches and Hubs, Servers (3 nos.), PCs (20 nos.), & Workstations (2 nos.), Printers (3 nos.), Scanner (1 no.), UPS (3 nos.), Projector (1 no.), etc.

B. Facility procured through DIT sanctioned NEPIAC project:

Sl. No. Item
1 One Apple HPCC workgroup Computer with INQUIRY cluster bioinformatics suite. (One master node with 12 compute nodes)
2 One 17' Apple Laptop, one Apple Macbook Pro Retina Display 15 inch
3 6 nos. of Apple Workstations, 3 no. Dell Precision T5600 Workstation, 3 nos. Desktop Dell Optiplex 9010OT, 3 nos. 24 inch LED Monitors
4 One Printer
5 One UPS
6 Parasitology CDROM
7 Matlab network license for 5 users
8 Bioinformatics Journals:
1. Bioinformatics (Print And Online), Oxford University Press
2. Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution (Print Only), Elsevier, Academic Press
9 Internet Bandwidth 4 Mbps from M/s S. S. NetCom Pvt. Ltd., Shillong
10 One SPSS with 10 user license